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Why use a college consultant?
Dr. Charles (Chuck) Patterson, founder and President of CAREER PLANNERS, has a doctorate in higher and adult education with over 30 years of experience as an academic advisor, athletic counselor and college instructor at The Ohio State University, the University of Missouri and Miami University of Ohio, along with high school experience as a guidance counselor, teacher and coach.

Dr. Patterson is a published author and lecturer in the fields of career exploration, student development, academic success and athletic counseling; a member of the National Academic Advising Association (NAACADA) and served as an advisor on college athletic policies, regulations and ethics to professional sports management personnel.

Obtaining a college education is no guarantee of achieving a successful career. However, it does provide the individual with a much better foundation for success. Most studies prove, on the average, the more education the higher the income. For many, a college education will be the most expensive service they will buy. CAREER PLANNERS can help students navigate higher education, a marketplace full of snares and illusions, with increased confidence and reduced costs.

One year of college can cost is over $20,000 and 4 years can easily exceed $100,000.
The best way to control college costs and achieve career dreams is to accurately connect career assessment with major and college decisons

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Should I use my HS guidance counselor?
Opinions and Options
Yes, you should take full advantage of your HS guidance staff.  However many HS counselors have many additional responsibilities.  College is an expensive decision.  Why not get a second opinion?  Get an independent honest objective assessment of your college decisions.

College Consulting can help you look at your college decisions from a different perspective.  HS counselors are influenced by admission perspective of rankings and reputations. Career Planners College Consulting helps a student explore careers to connect major with college decisions.

College could be the most expensive service you will purchase in you lifetime.  Should you make your college decisions on rankings and reputations or an accurate assessment of your interests, abilities and career goals? 

Many students do not graduate in 4 years.
College debt will force many who graduate to move home.